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David Welch

After spending the majority of his adolescence as a nocturnal computer enthusiast, David Welch made his passion a career when he began privately consulting at the age of 20. In January 2011 he was hired by Software Technology Group as a consultant, and was relieved to learn there are others who consider Java textbooks excellent poolside reading.

David currently works as a engineer on a number of mission-critical projects that are distributed internationally for a world-wide organization. His responsibilities include research and development, training team members on core technologies and development methodologies, mentoring interns and junior team members, and systems architecture and implementation.

As a consultant, David believes strongly in taking a pragmatic approach to creating products that meet his clients’ needs. Although passionate about the technical integrity of his work, he firmly believes that his work’s sole purpose is to support the business in a cost-effective and functional manner. He views software building as a collaborative effort that requires ongoing communication between him and his clients, and he is commited to producing a quality end product that provides consistent results.

David lives in SLC with his wife and dog, and is expecting his first son in 2013, to whom he eagerly anticipates teaching the value of object oriented programming. Night or day, you can find him cuddled up with his MacBook Pro coding a prototype or studying a data structure.

He specializes in web development, custom software, project management, and office ping-pong.