Daily Dev

Toying around with Amazon EC2

While my bandwidth is all tied up patapumping some MongoDB data (which unfortunately for now means downloading a local copy and pushing it up to a dev database) I figured I’d take a second to note today’s fun exploits. While I spent some time polishing my goto Spring MVC archetype today, complete with Logback, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA and… Read more →

Launch Sublime Text 2 from CLI

Just a quicky today: I recently saw a co-worker launch Sublime Text 2 from his OS X Terminal window. The sublime workspace appeared instantly with the his current working directory loaded in the ‘Folders’ view. Some quick googling turned up this gist that provided the simple solution of creating a symbolic link using the following command: ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ Text\… Read more →

Programmatically add @Controllers to Spring MVC

Recently I had a requirement to provide a controller as part of a reusable framework that was included in multiple projects. Typically, creating a controller is as simple tagging a class with @Controller and making sure it’s in a package that is scanned, thanks to the annotation scanning introduced in Spring MVC 2.5, however in this case we couldn’t rely solely… Read more →

First exposure to Selenium 2 WebDriver

I had a little extra bandwidth at work recently and decided to finally dive in and toy around with Selenium for testing automation. To be clear, I ended up looking at Selenium 2 (aka WebDriver) which listed version 2.25 as the latest product. It took a little to get familiar with, but the documentation was pretty easy to navigate. Getting… Read more →

Wild month at work…

… and at home, for that matter! So, I haven’t made good on my last post‘s promise of details on my Heroku success, but that’s only because it’s been an on-going effort. I was able to get my build process smoothed out and Mavenized, but there were a few tweaks that I’ve got to go back and document / integrate… Read more →

Heroku Uber-Success

Haven’t posted all week because I’ve been consumed by a maddening task: building a stable archetype for deploying multi-module projects, one of which being a Spring MVC webapp, to Heroku with the capability of backing sessions with Mongo. Lots to figure out and lots was learned. I’ll be making an archetype today, but the essential goal contains a parent project,… Read more →

A Weekend with iOS

So, decided to change things up a bit this weekend as I was mostly on the go and didn’t have any set time to develop. Rather than continuing my latest Spring + Maven research & polish, I decided to finally crank out some iOS code. I’ve read a few books & tutorials over the past couple months and have a… Read more →

Single Responsibility Principal

Yes, it’s late… and about 10 minutes from the 4th of July. What am I doing blogging? I’m about to crash for the night (early festivities tomorrow) and I realized there’s not enough focus on the “Single Responsibility” principal. As any aspiring engineer, I’ve created copious amounts of over-empowered code; god objects, monster objects, static “utilities” for simple purposes… all of… Read more →