Daily Dev

OpenAM / OpenSSO

I came across some interesting references to an interesting single-sign-on (SSO) project while digging through a particularly long-and-gruesome task at work today. It looks like it was originally created as OpenSSO by Sun Microsystems, but was canceled when Oracle purchased Sun. Fortunately, the folks at  ForgeRock forked the project (renaming it to OpenAM) and have continued development on it. I’ve… Read more →

Spring MVC w/ no XML

Just a quick update: finally figured out how to setup Spring MVC without any XML during my lunch break.. Yeah, I’m a nerd like that. Spring for lunch. Anywho, on to setup Spring MVC without XML (as in no applicationContext.xml file). There’s two approaches you can take: Configure a global ApplicationContext via the ContextLoaderListener that bootstraps Spring in the J2EE web.xml file (thus… Read more →