Effective Engineering

Effective Java – Creating a Project

Building on the previous article in this series, we’ll use STS to create a simple Maven powered project and discuss the various components. Starting STS After installing the JDK and your new IDE, fire up STS to see a loading screen similar to the image on the right. As with all things Java, there’s a few seconds of load time;… Read more →

Effective Java – Getting Started

As I stated in the previous article, this series is about effectively developing Java. In this article I’ll cover getting started with the basic tools & practices you’ll need to be effective in your daily development. I’ll also spotlight a few landmines that can tank your effective development & point you towards some further reading on the subject. The Importance of Tooling… Read more →

Effective Java – Rationale

This series of articles is the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work, academic study, maturation, and procrastination of an entry level Computer Information Systems research project. As such, it should be really amazing   As stated in the precursor article, this series will be focused on Effective Java engineering. The concepts covered will be based on a pragmatic combination of… Read more →

Preamble to Effective Engineering

As I am constantly looking to broaden my skills and continually refine my development process, I’ve spent the past few months diving into a number of different programming languages, frameworks and paradigms, in an attempt to bring together the respective benefits of each to improve my craft. Each time I take on a new project with one of these technologies,… Read more →