Hosting a Maven Repository on GitHub

Follow the tutorial on To release to your local repo: mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=snapshot-repo::default::file:/Users/$USER/dev/maven-repo/releases clean deploy mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=snapshot-repo::default::file:/Users/$USER/dev/maven-repo/snapshots clean deploy   After pushing an actualy X.Y.Z.RELEASE version, run the following from maven-repo/releases: mvn archetype:crawl -Dcatalog=./archetype-catalog.xml -Drepository=./   Adding to STS Add releases repository to STS: Read more →

Base Setup for Tutorials

Most of my Java based trainings & tutorials are built on my typical Java stack: Maven for project configuration & dependency management, Spring Tool Suite (STS) for the IDE, & the Spring Framework for the application framework. This post will show the general setup for STS to follow the rest of my (hopefully) coming articles. As I tend to use… Read more →

Maven Archetypes

Spent a few minutes reading some official Maven docs regarding Archetype generation & followed a simple create-from-project tutorial using a toy project I’m working on as a skeleton. The pieces of it finally sunk into place! Essentially, it boils down to two steps: mvn archetype:create-from-project, followed by abstracting the generated archetype from target/generated-sources/archetype. After that, just polish and release! I’ve looked into archetype creation… Read more →