Tips & Tricks

Hosting a Maven Repository on GitHub

Follow the tutorial on To release to your local repo: mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=snapshot-repo::default::file:/Users/$USER/dev/maven-repo/releases clean deploy mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=snapshot-repo::default::file:/Users/$USER/dev/maven-repo/snapshots clean deploy   After pushing an actualy X.Y.Z.RELEASE version, run the following from maven-repo/releases: mvn archetype:crawl -Dcatalog=./archetype-catalog.xml -Drepository=./   Adding to STS Add releases repository to STS: Read more →

Development Tools

Like any craftsman, there’s a number of tools that I utilize to be more productive. Most of them are free, but a few are worth paying for. Below is a list to help anyone else get setup:   Alfred BetterTouchTool cd to – installs an icon on your Finder window to launch terminal in the current directory. ClipMenu – shows… Read more →

Chrome – Getting around Same Origin Policy

Just a quick tid bit I nabbed from a great StackOverflow question. I was working on a simple ajax feature locally but wanted to hit a demo box to see what response I’d get, which browsers don’t typically like because you’re hitting a different host. Turns out you can tell Chrome to ease up on security by launching it with the –disable-web-security argument.… Read more →

Launch Sublime Text 2 from CLI

Just a quicky today: I recently saw a co-worker launch Sublime Text 2 from his OS X Terminal window. The sublime workspace appeared instantly with the his current working directory loaded in the ‘Folders’ view. Some quick googling turned up this gist that provided the simple solution of creating a symbolic link using the following command: ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ Text\… Read more →