First exposure to Selenium 2 WebDriver

I had a little extra bandwidth at work recently and decided to finally dive in and toy around with Selenium for testing automation. To be clear, I ended up looking at Selenium 2 (aka WebDriver) which listed version 2.25 as the latest product. It took a little to get familiar with, but the documentation was pretty easy to navigate. Getting started was as easy as adding a dependency to my Maven project… until it came to running the tests on IE.

Long story short, here’s my setup list:

  1. Create a Maven project with the dependencies listed in the tutorial
  2. Add a Main class with some test code
  3. Download the latest IEDriverServer.exe for your platform fromĀ and add it to your path
  4. Disable protected mode in IE across all
    1. Open IE -> Internet Settings -> Security
    2. Across all zones, disable “Enable Protected Mode”
    3. Restart IE

After that, IE should work like a charm. I’m sure Firefox and Chrome will need a little love to get started, but like in most things software IE is the biggest hurdle.