Toying around with Amazon EC2

While my bandwidth is all tied up patapumping some MongoDB data (which unfortunately for now means downloading a local copy and pushing it up to a dev database) I figured I’d take a second to note today’s fun exploits.

While I spent some time polishing my goto Spring MVC archetype today, complete with Logback, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA and Bootstrap for theme, the fun part of my day came while I was waiting for some minor tweaks to deploy at work today. In the downtime between committing my code and deploying a build from Anthill, I was able to spin up an Amazon EC2 Micro (aka free) instance with Nginx and PHP Fast-CGI.

I’ve heard good things about the services Amazon offers, with S3 providing simple storage and what not, but I didn’t realize quite how easy and awesome it is. While it’s a little trickier to calculate your costs, I get the feeling that this hosting option’s benefits lie half way between my favorite parts of Heroku and Linode.

In the grand scope of things, its always nice to have another “cloud” to throw some code at. Does anyone else have experience with EC2?

Follow-up: If you’re working on a Mac, follow the instructions at to connect…