Preamble to Effective Engineering

As I am constantly looking to broaden my skills and continually refine my development process, I’ve spent the past few months diving into a number of different programming languages, frameworks and paradigms, in an attempt to bring together the respective benefits of each to improve my craft. Each time I take on a new project with one of these technologies, I’m reminded of one of the most basic engineering facts: while there are many different ways to create an end result, some approaches yield a more productive development cycle and/or a higher quality end product (whether that’s measured by metrics such as performance, usability or maintainability).

The combination of this epiphany and the ever growing Polyglot movement and has inspired an idea for a blogging mini-series I’ve dubbed “Effective Engineering”. Essentially the idea is to catalog the most effective practices in a given development space and provide a series of articles to help an engineer get up to speed quickly.

As my core skill set is in the Java space, I’ll start there. Stay tuned…