Base Setup for Tutorials

Most of my Java based trainings & tutorials are built on my typical Java stack: Maven for project configuration & dependency management, Spring Tool Suite (STS) for the IDE, & the Spring Framework for the application framework. This post will show the general setup for STS to follow the rest of my (hopefully) coming articles.

As I tend to use a number of Maven Archetypes for project creation, you’ll need to add the Maven Central Repository to STS so you have the same Archetypes. To do so:

  1. Open STS & select File > New > Other
  2. Select “Maven Project”
  3. Continue to the “Select an Archetype” screen
    1. Select “Configure” next to catalogs
    2. Select “Add Remote Catalog…”
      1. Set “Catalog File” to “
      2. Set “Description” to “Maven Central”
      3. Click “Verify” to make sure some archetypes are found (4,433 as of this posting)
      4. Select OK
    3. Select Apply & OK
  4. Switch Catalog to “Maven Central” – you may have to cancel the creation prompt and re-open it to see the newly indexed files.


I’ll be posting more examples soon. Feel free to contact me with any feedback.